Choosing the right wallpaper for your home in Adelaide

Choosing the right wallpaper for your home can be a daunting task, but with the right guidelines, it can be a fun and creative process. Adelaide, being a vibrant city in South Australia, has a diverse range of styles and aesthetics, and wallpaper can help enhance the atmosphere of any room. This article will provide some tips on how to choose a wallpaper that will suit your home in Adelaide.

Determine your style

The first step in choosing a wallpaper is to determine your style. This will help you determine the right pattern, colour, and texture that will best suit your space. Adelaide has a range of styles, including contemporary, traditional, bohemian, and coastal, so consider which one best suits your home and personal style.

Consider the room

Wallpaper can be used in any room of your home, but the function of the room will determine the type of wallpaper you choose. For example, a kitchen or bathroom may require moisture-resistant wallpaper, while a bedroom or living room may require a more calming and relaxing design.

Take into account the lighting

Lighting is another important factor to consider when choosing a wallpaper. If a room receives a lot of natural light, you may want to opt for a lighter colour or a wallpaper with a metallic finish to reflect the light. On the other hand, if a room receives very little natural light, you may want to choose a darker colour or a wallpaper with a textured finish to add depth to the space.

Think about the wall space

The amount of wall space you have to work with will also play a role in your wallpaper choice. If you have a large wall, consider a bold pattern or a mural-style wallpaper to make a statement. If you have a small wall, a more delicate pattern or a solid colour may be a better choice.

Coordinate with existing décor

When choosing wallpaper, it’s important to coordinate with your existing décor. Consider the colours and patterns of your furniture, rugs, and accessories to ensure that your wallpaper will complement the overall look of your home.

Consider the longevity of the wallpaper

Think about the longevity of the wallpaper. If you’re looking for a temporary solution, consider a removable wallpaper that can be easily changed in the future. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, choose a durable wallpaper that will stand up to the test of time.

Consider the mood of the room

The wallpaper you choose can have a significant impact on the mood of a room. If you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, consider a wallpaper with a warm colour scheme, such as shades of red, orange, or yellow. If you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, choose a wallpaper with cool colours, such as blues or greens. For a dramatic effect, consider a wallpaper with a bold pattern or an accent wall in a dark colour.

Think about the scale of the pattern

The scale of the pattern you choose can also have an impact on the look and feel of the room. If you have a large room, a larger scale pattern may be more appropriate, while a small room may benefit from a smaller scale pattern. If you’re not sure what scale is right for your room, consider taking a sample of the wallpaper to the room and holding it up on the wall to get a sense of how it will look.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Colour can have a powerful impact on a room, and choosing the right colour for your wallpaper can transform the space. If you’re not sure what colour to choose, consider the colours you already have in the room and look for a wallpaper that complements or contrasts those colours. You can also take inspiration from the colours in a piece of art, a rug, or a piece of furniture.


Finally, it’s important to consider your budget when choosing a wallpaper. Wallpaper can range in price from inexpensive to high-end, so determine what you can afford before you start shopping. Keep in mind that some wallpaper may require additional costs for installation, so be sure to factor those costs into your budget as well.

In conclusion, choosing the right wallpaper for your home in Adelaide requires careful consideration of several factors, including your style, the room, lighting, wall space, existing décor, longevity, mood, scale of the pattern, colour, and budget. By taking these factors into account, you can choose a wallpaper that will enhance the atmosphere of your home and reflect your personal style. With so many options available, the possibilities for creating a unique and beautiful space are endless.

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We love love love our new mural wallpaper. Conor was knowledgeable about the product we had shipped from England, he was punctual and his communication was great. A bit pricey but I guess that is what you pay for quality. Super happy!

Peta Scholz

Connor has just finished doing a wall paper job for us..We are completely happy with the end result…Connor answered his phone or got back to us via a messages leading up to the job. On the day of the job Connor was on time had up to date equipment and his knowledge of his trade is outstanding along with skill set to actually do a great job..We should have spoken to Connor prior to ordering our wall paper as he informed us he has a very large catalog of wall paper that we could have looked at as well…

Patrick Barry

Conor from Adelaide Wallpaper Professionals did a superb job of my therapy wallpaper installation. From initial conversations through to the installation Conor made the process easy and the finished product is magnificent
Victoria Riviere Counselling

Victoria Riviere

Fantastic company. Reliable, friendly and very professional. Have used twice and will continue to. Highly recommended 👍😊!

Rebecca Huddy

Conor installed wallpaper for us in our nursery and we are so happy with it! He did an exceptional job with attention to detail to make it all line up perfectly. Very neat and quick! He also did some little painting jobs for us at the same time, which came up beautifully. He was very nice to deal with, got back to me with good communication & his fee was very reasonable for the work.

Sasha McLean

Conor did a great job of removing a frieze for me. Very professional, careful and tidy. Great communication too. Would highly recommend.

Yamoora Jones

Master wallpaperer who is easy to business with!
Connor made booking wallpaper hanging the easiest part of my home renovation.
He was quick to reply to messages, showed up on time, and completed the work quickly and competently.
He charges a fair rate and does excellent work. My new wallpapered rooms look amazing. Connor went above and beyond to problem solve on the day when we realised I had not ordered enough wallpaper. His experience & knowledge of his craft enabled the job to be finished on time, and on schedule.
I will definitely hire him again and recommend his services to others.

Katy Haynes

I cannot speak highly enough of Conor, he is an absolute rockstar and did an amazing job at my house today! He was super helpful from the first time I called, recommending great places to source the wallpaper and then was here within a couple of days of it arriving to put it up. 11/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone!!

Emily Beh

Conor was on time and worked very quickly. He even graciously and enthusiastically put up with my 6 year old asking a million questions and chatting his ear off in the doorway. Not only did he work quickly but he did a very neat job. Cannot see the joins at all. He was neat and made sure to clean up the mess and off cuts. Would definitely recommend.

Kiah R

Conor wallpapered our powder room. He was very professional, had great attention to detail and provided advice pre-installation. Would use again. Thank you!

Linna Tran

Extremely happy with the service I received from Conor at Adelaide Wallpaper Professionals. I had 2 murals installed in a highly professional, efficient and friendly way. Fully recommend this business.

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I needed wall paper to be installed for our kids playroom and found Conor online. If there were 10 stars I would give it to him.
Very good communication and did the job with attention to detail. Nice guy to talk to and someone who has a lot of passion for what he does. Fairly priced and very easy to talk to.
Will definitely use him again for future installs.
All the best buddy:)

Michael N

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